Shared vision for "Future of Birmingham"

This project has been established as an effective way of involving people who live and work in Birmingham in the future vision and subsequent plans for Birmingham as a city.

Birmingham We Are has launched this initiative in response to the huge interest shown by the community, by the council and by those with an interest in the city in helping to shape the city of the future and having an influence over the plans and decisions that are taken.

Our Future City Plan: Birmingham 2040 'Shaping Our City Together' - City of Centres 

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A collaborative co-productive space for all community

We share the council's vision for involving community in the shaping of the City

Here we give shared access to those within community, those within local government and those within business so that together we can all share in the vision.

We provide a collaborative digital space where resources can be accessed and shared, where insight and opinions can be gathered effectively, where healthy debate and discussion can take place, and where great ideas can be surfaced and taken forward.

We are making available a suite of applications and digital tools for anyone who wants to lead, has an idea or wants to contribute. We are opening up digital channels (our own and our partners) and we are making this resource and these digital tools for engagement widely accessible to stakeholders, influencers, policy makers and decision makers.


'Our Future City Plan: Central Birmingham 2040'

Following the launch of a 20+ year green vision & strategy for Birmingham, the city council and its partners now seeks involvement from all communities to help shape these plans going forward.

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This 'Call to Action' has stimulated interest from across the city as well as from people living in surrounding neighbourhoods. 

We can assist in engaging and involving all across our community.


The challenge

Lockdowns, restrictions to movement and social interaction forced on us by the undeniable dangers of the COVID pandemic have all changed the way we have been living our lives.

So what is the medium and long-term impact likely to be on the city centre likely to be?

How well can Birmingham return to a vibrant city centre with retail, hospitality, business and culture all thriving once more?


A shared challenge

It is only by working together, sharing our ideas and together providing the data and the insight needed that we can ensure that the right decisions are taken.

It is as much for community to inform decision making as it is the analysts and policy makers and influencers.


Birmingham's "Call to Action" and invitation to business and community

'Our Future City Plan" provides a start and a focus for this input and is an open invitation for community and business to contribute.


Let's get involved Birmingham!

Here are just some of the tools we can give you to ensure your ideas and visions are shared.


An interactive map of the city

We continue to build and update a map that looks at the city from a community perspective. The city's parks and greenspaces, its approved developments and construction work in progress; its tram and rail links; its historic builds; it's public squares; and much more planned.

Here you can create your own map of the city, link to features, galleries, videos and posts/articles from people who are contributing so much in their own way to the future success of the city and their place.


Collaborate and help feature a passion

This could be a place that tou love to visit, a space that you would like to see protected or developed, or a particular interest or hobby.  We will give you the space to promote your passion and connect with others.


Share your own ideas and your own vision

How would you like to city to develop?  With access to our workspace, our maps and our community, we will help you take those ideas forward and introduce to people who can help you turn an idea into a something that can really help your city and your place and make a real difference to your community.















Project dates

09 Feb 2021 - On-going


Future Vision

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